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Bruce Lee Forearm Workout

Bruce Lee dedicated a lot of his time to working on his forearms. He knew that a lot of the punches he was throwing and the holding techniques required a lot of strength in the forearms. We all know what kind of shape Bruce Lee was in but he seemed to think he could always improve. One of the first instances of him thinking this way was when he was teaching at his San Francisco gym and a crew of Chinese martial art experts barged into his gym demanding him to stop teaching ancient Chinese martial arts. He refused and a fight broke out. Of course he beat the crap out of the guy who challenged him but in his eyes the fight took too long. He thought that if he was all around stronger and was able to get better grips on his opponents the fights would not take so long.

Bruce started devoting a lot of extra time to his forearms. He would start doing forearm workouts while watching television. Needless to say but he took his forearm training to the next level.

Here is a summary of what a normal day of forearm workouts would look like for him:

Forearm Exercises

1) Underhand Wrist Curl                         4 sets of 17
2) Overhand Wrist Curl                          4 sets of 12
3) Leverage Bar Curl (A)                         4 sets of 15
4) Bar Curl   (B)                                      4 sets of 15
5) Reverse Curl                                     4 sets of 6
6) Leverage Bar Twist                            3 sets of 10

On top of this exercise he would do a bunch of grip training. This was to build on all of those tiny muscles you have in your hand and around your wrist. He felt it was necessary to do those because the hands and wrists compliment the forearms. Since they all work together they needed to be equally as strong. Bruce Lee had a strong philosophy of having a body which was equally as strong. Too many people would work on one aspect of their body which would leave them open for a major let down from another muscle group. Bruce wanted to have his body working in one harmonious fashion. This way he would never be let down from his body. Its easy to see why Bruce Lee was such a power house of a person. He worked on all of those muscles like his forearms that most other people would never think of doing. There is no doubt that this is why he was “pound for pound” the strongest man in the world.

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