Bruce Lee Workouts

Why Bruce Lee Started Weight Training

As we all know Bruce Lee was an amazing martial artist. You instantly became a fan of his while watching his movies. There was not that much digital enhancing going on during his film career. For the most part, everything we saw on the movie screen was him doing what he does best. How did he get in such great shape, but more importantly what pushed him to be that way.

Bruce Lee started training when he was thirteen years. He was introduced to the Wu style Tai Chi Chuan from his father while in Hong Kong. He continued practicing this style of martial arts until he moved to the United States. While in the Seattle area he opened up his own school and taught friends that he met. He improved on his own skills, especially his kicks.

Bruce was still competing at the time. A match against a man named Wong Jack Man lasted too long for Bruce’s liking. This match single handily changed his philosophy on fighting. He came to the conclusion that his training methods were not up to date and needed to be improved. This is how Jeet Kune Do was formed. These methods were to be made so that you could defend yourself in a street fight. He thought that the traditional ways were too formal for the craziness of a street fight.

He knew that he had to emphasize his weight training, endurance, and flexibility. This is what took him to the top of the martial art world. He spent a lot of time building up his arms. He was able to do bicep curls at eighty pounds for three sets up to eight reps. He inserted push-ups, reverse and concentration curls along with squats into his routine with six to twelve reps at a time. This amazing strength was able to make him do things most humans could not. He was documented doing push ups using just his thumbs. To take it one step further he even could do one hand push ups using only the thumb and index finger. He could do fifty one arm chin ups.

Bruce Lee was about having the most effective body. Sure he had a lot more time during his day to workout. He worked out anywhere between three and four hours a day six days a week. Without that type of commitment you will probably not see the results he did. This does not mean you can’t at least incorporate some of his exercises into your workout. Check out more Bruce Lee Workouts.